Advanced Manipulation of the Spine (MT9)

Advanced Manipulation of the Spine (MT9)
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Spinal Manipulation – Advanced Course (MT9)

The practice of spinal manipulation requires a commitment to ongoing improvement. It is a lifestyle of constantly improving spinal manipulation skills. Whether you are a novice or seasoned clinician, continued practice and mentoring are required to develop the hands and clinical thinking associated with the best in spinal manipulation. This course is the next step in manipulation training, following the MT6 Spinal Manipulation course. This course is associated with the Manual Therapy Fellowship program but anyone who has taken MT6 can take this course. It is designed for clinicians who have demonstrated entry-level competencies and basic level manual therapy clinical skills and advanced clinical decision making. This course is taught by senior faculty utilizing manual therapy in the clinic every day.

This course introduces the integration of several types of spinal manipulation techniques. The traditional Norwegian approach will emphasize locking all joints to ensure that forces are impacted on only one joint. British School of Osteopathy concepts creates barriers for manipulation in mid-range, rather than end range. Ola Grimsby has outlined an integration of different schools organized our sciences of biomechanics and neurophysiology to teach the clinician how to modify techniques they already know, add new clinical tricks and learn concepts to assist in creating your own technique modifications. Our senior faculty, with over 20-30 years of clinical practice and teaching, will share their experience, knowledge, and love for manual therapy in this engaging and inspiring weekend course. Take this course on your path to ever refining your practice of spinal manipulation.

This course is open to credentials of PT, MD, DO

Course Dates and Cities

This course is also currently being taught as part of our Manual Therapy Fellowship program.

MT-9 Objectives

At the completion of the two-day course in spinal manipulation techniques the students will be able to:

• Demonstrate a consolidation of existing knowledge and performance in spinal positioning prior to HVLA thrust technique

• Describe and demonstrate an enhanced proficiency of the spinal positioning and locking used in spinal HVLA thrust techniques.

• Demonstrate a working knowledge of specific modifications to technique delivery relative to patient size and body type.

• Demonstrate an enhanced proficiency of existing knowledge and performance in the use of HVLA thrust techniques for the spine.

• Demonstrate a working knowledge of specific modifications to HVLA technique delivery relative to the practitioner’s size, body type, and differential relative to the patient.

MT9 Course Material

Access digital course materials in PDF format from any web-enabled device. Fellows in training can download the coursebook from the OGI Populi online university. Hard Copies are available to order for an additional cost.

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