Manual Therapy of the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Lower Extremity (MT3)

Manual Therapy of the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Lower Extremity (MT3)
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Manual Therapy of the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Lower Extremity (MT3)

This is a current method of diagnostic tissue differentiation and treatment progressions of the lower quarter to include the lumbar spine, SI joint, pelvis, and lower extremity dysfunctions relevant to sports and orthopedics. Weighted toward hands-on training, MT3 emphasizes clinical reasoning for the application of manual therapy techniques, including techniques for spinal mobilization, extremity mobilization and extremity manipulation. Evidence-based coursework provides guidelines to clinical reasoning skills necessary for the application of manual therapy techniques. This course is taught by senior faculty, with an additional year of manual therapy training beyond the Fellowship year, utilizing these techniques daily in a clinical setting. 

Course Dates and Cities

MT3 Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Lower Extremity (Anchorage, Alaska) May 06-07, 2023

Upon completion of MT3 participants will be able to:

• Describe the basic anatomy, biomechanics and pathology of the lumbar spine, pelvis and SI joints, and lower extremity joints.

• Evaluate the lumbar spine, pelvis and SI joints and lower extremities with an introduction to soft tissue treatments, joint mobilization/manipulation treatments, and dosed exercise progressions.

• Describe the optimal stimuli for neuro-musculoskeletal repair.

• Understand the dysfunctions related to regional inter-dependence of these areas

Objectives: At the conclusion of the course the participant is expected to be able to:

•     Understand how the anatomy, biomechanics and arthro-kinematics of a joint contribute to its function or dysfunction.

•     Relate the neurology, pathophysiology and pain to the dysfunction and to the appropriate treatment.

•     Evaluate dysfunction of the different tissues in all extremity joints and identify the signs and symptoms of joint pathology.

•     Select and apply an appropriate treatment program utilizing the optimal stimuli for histological regeneration of all extremity tissues.

•     Apply various techniques for articulation and mobilization as well as other current PT modalities with skill and accuracy.

•     Recognize the indications and contraindications for the use of articulation and mobilization procedures.

MT3 Course Material

Access digital course materials in PDF format from any web-enabled device. Hard Copies are available to order for additional cost.

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