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Manual Therapy Courses

The Ola Grimsby Institute offers manual therapy courses in soft tissue work, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. All courses focus on hands-on lab instruction combined with clinical decision making for assessing impairment and the proper intervention. Anyone can read or watch a video to learn a manual therapy technique, but critical decision making requires the added ability to answer questions related to when to use a manual technique, when not to, what direction, and for what purpose. Our course provides the hand-ons training and mentoring you need to become more effective with even the techniques you already know. These exceptional manual therapy courses have their foundation in the Norwegian school, but also integrate evidence and clinical practice from other major influencers in manual therapy and osteopathy. Improve your hands, mobilization and manipulation techniques and your patient outcomes.

Soft Tissue Work

Often overlooked in current manual therapy educations, soft tissue work is a foundational intervention prior to joint mobilization techniques. Reducing active muscle guarding using these specific techniques can reveal an otherwise hidden hypermobile joint. Without this skill, the practitioner may mistakenly believe they have identified a hypomobile joint and treat it inappropriately. Fascial restriction can impact entire limb motion and larger movement patterns. Multiple approaches to soft tissue work are specific to what is happening in the tissue. Learn techniques to inhibit pain, reducing muscle guarding, improve fascial mobility, move fluid, change posture, increase ROM. The dynamic nature of the techniques integrate multiple systems of neurology, histology, and psychology to improve patient function and improve overall outcomes.

Joint Mobilization

Any physical skill requires coaching. The Ola Grimsby Institute teaches manual therapy courses that stress the fundamentals of joint mobilization related to clinical histology and neurophysiology, not a school of thought or country. Techniques do not only take into account the patient’s position, but also how to therapists can best use their body, hands and table for more effective techniques that are safer for the patient and practitioner. Learn how to use the sciences of histology, neurophysiology and traumatology to specifically dose your joint mobilization interventions to have the influence the patient and impairments needs. Like exercises, mobilization techniques can be modified and dosed differently to have different outcomes. Read a book to learn a new techniques. Take this course to learn how to pratice as a manual therapist.

Joint Manipulation

The art and skill of joint manipulation, whether spinal or extremities, is a life long endeavour, but need not be intimidating to the less experienced. A good coach makes all the difference. Our teaching process walks you through the clinical decision making to have confidence to utilize your manual therapy skills for manipulation of the spine and extremities. Clinicians with over 20-30 years of clinical practice provide the psychomotor skill training to make you safe and effective. Learn from those who do it, have done it and seen it all.

Physical Therapists: All Course open Licensed Physical Therapists or Physical Therapy Students

ATC’s are welcome only in MT1 and the MT7 courses only. The Ola Grimsby Institute teaches manual therapy decision making and psychomotor skills to physical therapists only.