Athletic Injury Prevention and Avoidanceitled

By Eric Bork, KSKA –

March 25, 2016


This week we have an important show for anyone who exercises to keep fit, especially as we move into the warmer months and we’re running, hiking and cycling more. We’re talking about injury prevention and recovery. You can avoid a lot of the injuries that come from overuse and excessive effort, and we’ll tell you how to speed your recovery if you do get hurt. For those of us who love the outdoors, and enjoy fitness and exercise, this is important information to keep doing what we enjoy and, as with so many things, a lot of it is mental not physical. It’s important we find ways to have variety, moderation and to keep a positive attitude that can keep us healthy.

HOST: Charles Wohlforth

  • Coach Lisa Keller, owner and operator of Multisport Training of Alaska
  • Alec Kay, president of United Physical Therapy


  • Multisport Training of Alaska
  • United Physical Therapy

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