STEP 6 Upper Cervical, TMJ, Ocular Systems

STEP 6 Upper Cervical, TMJ, Ocular Systems
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STEP6 including Upper Cervical Instability, Sports Concussion

Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progression (STEP), the premier exercise course series from the Ola Grimsby Institute, has a curriculum that focuses on exercise rehabilitation for tissue repair (mechanotherapy), joint mobilization, motor control, coordination, endurance, strength training, and athletic function. STEP6 is a compliment to the Cervical STEP5 course. It addresses specific steps in dosing and designing exercises for upper cervical spine restriction and instability, covering acute whiplash, cervicogenic headache, and sport concussion. As the body will always right the eyes to the horizontal, upper cervical mechanics are fundamental to all neck function. Learn easy motion assessment of mobility to supplement your hands-on skill. Motor control testing and exercise design impact much more than just the longus colli. The entire biomechanical and motor system is addressed to restore joint motion, resolve symptoms, normalize motor control, and train function. In addition to the current principles in work physiology, the course offers a clinical approach to an individual, highly specific dosed program to include: resistance (concentric, eccentric, isometric), repetitions, sets, rest, speed, range, and frequency with reference to functional qualities. This course integrates specific manual therapy principles in mobilization, stabilization, and prevention of injury in the upper cervical spine. This course is taught by seasoned instructors that use this curriculum every day in the clinic.

Course Dates and Locations

STEP-6: Upper Cervical, TMJ, Ocular Systems (Des Plaines, Illinois) Aug 26-27, 2023


Posture and upper cervical mechanics are fundamental to mandibular alignment and TMJ function. It is challenging to address one without the others. This introduction to TMJ training involves self-mobilization techniques, mobilization exercises, and mandibular motor control emphasizing disc mechanics. There is more than one exercise to treat the TMJ. Learn how to apply similar training concepts to address athrokinematics of the TMJ. Additionally, integration of swallowing mechanics on the TMJ and upper cervical headache patterns are addressed.

Ocular Systems and Cervicogenic Headache / Dizziness

Sports concussions are certainly in vogue, but integration of the occular systems with people suffering from sports concussion, cervicogenic dizziness, and whiplash, has been integrated into the upper cervical training programs for decades. Simple clinical testing and interventions to this system can have a remarkable impact on the difficult-to-treat upper cervical, cervicogenic headache, and cervicogenic dizziness patient.

Become Certified

All 6 STEP courses can be combined, along with online learning, projects, and examinations, to receive a Certification in Rehabilitative Exercise (CREx).


Participants will be able to:

• Specifically dose exercises for tissue repair (mechanotherapy), local circulation, motor learning, coordination, endurance and strength training

• Design upper cervical and TMJ exercises for specific muscle facilitation, length/tension relationships and multiple resistance training

• Design a retraining program for cervical-oculomotor-vestibular disturbance related to whiplash and sports concussions

• Design breathing, posture, tongue mechanics, and swallowing exercises as for TMJ dysfunction.
• Create patient specific exercises and protocols for Cs, TMJ and ocular systems

Course Schedule

Day One

8:00 Introduction and Mobilizing Principles

9:00 Clinical Histology and Neurology

10:00 Work Physiology and Exercise Dosage

11:00 Lower Extremity Motor Control

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Coaching Motor Control

2:30 Muscle Line of Action and Motor

3:30 Tendinopathy and Eccentrics

5:00 Summary

Day Two

8:00 Exercise Progressions

9:30 Exercise for the Hip

10:30 Exercises for the Ankle

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Exercises for the Knee

3:00 Case Studies

5:00 Summary

STEP Book Series

This exceptional three textbook series edited by Ola Grimsby and Jim Rivard covers the scientific fundamentals related to manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation. As a foundational textbook series for the STEP curriculum, this book series will dramatically increase your knowledge base but also provide examples of decades in clinical practice of apply STEP and MET (medical exercise therapy) concepts.

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