STEP 3 Hip & Pelvis

STEP 3 Hip & Pelvis
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STEP 3: Hip and Pelvis

Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progression (STEP), the premier exercise course series from the Ola Grimsby Institute, has a curriculum that focuses on exercise rehabilitation for tissue repair (mechanotherapy), joint mobilization, motor control, coordination, endurance, strength training, and athletic function. Hip mobility and function are fundamental to the lower quarter, as well as the pelvis and lumbar spine. Save the osteoarthritic hip from surgery by learning how to properly mobilize the joint, not “stretch” the limb. Clinical histology principles outline exercise dosage concepts for cartilage repair. Learn why hip impingement is so common (often related to a commonly taught poor squatting technique) and how to train it away. If you are doing the same hip exercises with all your patients, you need this course. It is not always about the gluteus medius, and your non-weight bearing training with “the clam” will not get you into Closed Kinematic Chain training fast enough. Biomechanical and work physiology principles will get your hip patients standing to train sooner, walking with good motor control faster, and back to competing. This course is taught by seasoned instructors that use this curriculum in the clinic.

STEP3 techniques concepts for hip and pelvis biomechanical and neurological conditions including joint restrictions as well as motor control deficits related to hip and pelvic dysfunction. Exercise concepts of dosage, design and progression for rehabilitation of the hip and pelvis will be addressed in a way that will allow the clinician to develop their own rehabilitation program for the hip and pelvis. In addition to the current principles in work physiology, the course offers a clinical approach to an individual, highly specific dosed program to include resistance (concentric, eccentric, isometric), repetitions, sets, rest, speed, range, and frequency with reference to functional qualities are developed.

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Pelvis dysfunction is not an issue isolated to women, nor treated by only female therapists. Learn the fundamentals of addressing incontinence, organ prolapse, pregnancy, and postpartum issues, and pelvic pain. Rather than learning a list of exercises for pathologies, this course assists the participant in learning how to design an unlimited list of movement-based solutions based on the specific needs of the individual.

Course Cities and Dates

STEP-3: Hip and Pelvis (Des Plaines, Illinois) Jun 24-25, 2023

Become Certified

All 6 STEP courses can be combined, along with online learning, projects, and examinations, to receive a Certification in Rehabilitative Exercise (CREx).


Participants will be able to:

• Specifically dose exercises for tissue repair (mechanotherapy), local circulation, motor control, coordination, endurance, and strength training

• Design exercises for muscle facilitation, length/tension, and multi-resistance training

• Describe the evidence-based implications of pelvic floor dyskinesia on pelvic function.

• Progress exercises from mobilization to stabilization of hips and pelvis

• Design of Pelvic Floor Musculature exercise progression for both hypo and hypertonic pelvic floor musculature for incontinence and pain

• Create patient-specific exercise programs

Course Schedule

Day One

8:00 Introductions

8:15 Lecture: STEP Intro and Mobilization Principles

9:00 Lab 1: Mobilization

10:00 Lecture: Clinical Histology and Neurology

10:30 Lab: Lumbar OSR

11:00 Lecture: Work Physiology

11:45 Lab: Dosage Testing

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Lab: Dosage Testing Continued

1:30 Lecture: Lumbar Motor Control

2:30 Lab: Motor control testing

3:30 Lecture : Coaching Motor Control – Internal / External focus

4:00: Lab: External / Internal focus training

5:00 Summary / Closing

Day Two

8:00 Q&A

8:15 Lecture: Exercise Design- Line of Action

8:30 Lab: Basic Planar Resistance

9:00 Lab: Line of Action in the fiber line

9:00 Lab: Line of Action in the fiber line

10:30 Lecture/Lab: Training with Locking

11:30 Lecture: Exercise Progressions

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Lab: Exercise Progressions

2:00 Case Study Group Work

4:00 Summary

STEP Book Series

This exceptional three-textbook series edited by Ola Grimsby and Jim Rivard covers the scientific fundamentals related to manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation. As a foundational textbook series for the STEP curriculum, this book series will dramatically increase your knowledge base but also provide examples of decades in clinical practice of applying STEP and MET (medical exercise therapy) concepts. Portions of the textbook were written by Sarah Olson, the primary instructor for STEP 3.

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