Certification in Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions (STEP)

The STEP certification consists of combining 6 STEP courses, culminating in a weekend of review and examination. It seeks to further the knowledge base of participants in exercise dosage, design, and progression. Rehabilitative exercise is not the same thing as training healthy athletes, performing Pilates or Yoga. Become a movement expert with a thorough knowledge of rehabilitative exercise, with a foundation in the Norwegian Medical Exercise Therapy curriculum. Utilize knowledge from histology, biomechanics, neurophysiology, traumatology, and work physiology to design and dose unique programs for the individual patient. Learn how to use exercise to mobilize joints, repair injured tissue, resolve muscle guarding, improve endurance through angiogenesis, train for strength, and train for function and sport.

Course Cities and Dates

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• Complete all 6 STEP seminars, taken in any order: STEP 1: Shoulder and Elbow, STEP 2: Ankle and Knee, STEP 3: Hip and Pelvis, STEP 4: Lumbar Spine, STEP 5: Cervical and Thoracic Spine, STEP 6: Upper Cervical Spine, TMJ, and Ocular Systems.

• STEP 7: Written and practical examination weekend

• Upon successful completion of all areas and demonstration of competency and safety, the Physical Therapist will be issued a Certification in Rehabilitative Exercise and will be able to use the “CREx” letters after their name indicating the earned specialization.

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Enrolled certification students can complete their coursework by registering for courses offered anywhere in the US and Europe through the OGI website. The certification program is often hosted by a clinic or business, sponsoring all 6 courses and the examination weekend. If your company would like to host the certification, please have your company complete the host a course form and email it to office@olagrimsby.com.


• Open to PTs, PTAs, OTs, and ATCs

Complete an Enrollment Agreement, scan and email it to office@olagrimsby.com